Scherz Landscape Co.
2225 Knickerbocker Rd.
San Angelo, TX 76904
(325) 944-0511

Locally Grown

Scherz Landscape Co, is one of the most unique landscape companies in West Texas primarily due to the fact that much of our inventory is grown right here in San Angelo.

Early on, we decided to maintain higher industry quality standards and year-round availability of acclimated nursery stock. We specialize in several varieties of trees ranging from 5 gallon to 6" caliper field grown trees.

The entire operation is located at a separate site from the retail nursery, but is still located in San Angelo and covers an area of about 8 acres. Scherz also grows some speciality color items such as bougainvillea, geraniums, plumbago, lantana and more.

Growing our inventory using city water and the West Texas climate of San Angelo, allows us to produce a sturdy, durable plant, very well adapted to our unique conditions.